About Us

Mini Digger Operator Mark Duffy, has over 20 years experience and is CPCS qualified. Mark is able to operate the digger much faster than somebody less experienced – meaning less time to complete your project which will save you hire time! The equipment he uses include the Bobcat E16 Mini Digger and the Lumag VH500 Mini Dumper.

Bobcat E19

The Bobcat E19 is a compact excavator ideal for working in confined spaces – aided by its retractable undercarriage which allows the machines width to be reduced to 98cm allowing it to fit through gates and between walls and houses. Mark can then expand it to 136cm for a wider footprint and greater performance. Reduced tail swing also gives better versatility and manoeuvrability on compact jobsites.

It fits in the 1.5 to 2 ton category with an operating weight of 1,781 kg. Exceptionally durable and reliable having been scrutinized and tested by the manufacturers under extreme conditions.

Lumag VH500

This high quality Mini Dumper/Track Barrow is fully hydrostatic, and a robustly made machine. It is propelled by a top of the range hydraulic pump. Hugely durable and reliable.